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Intentionally Getting Back To You

It’s that time again. Where we gather together to give updates on our Word Of The Year; visit us to see how our One Word journies are going at the #OneWord Community over at my friend Lisa’s place.

I’m INTENTIONAlly getting back to you.

September was so busy. I participated in craft fairs with my friend. There were fairs back to back every weekend in September. 

Some of you may have heard me say I’m a not-so-serious crafter. Throughout most of my adult life, I can either take or leave crafting. Usually, the mood comes and goes, and I have to jump on it when it happens.

I’ve been helping my older best friend in Christ make wreaths this past year. She then began participating in craft fairs/festivals over the past year. Now mind you, I’m still meh…

However, I love browsing Pinterest for everything from interesting facts to nostalgia. So for giggles, I began searching for different crafts other than wreaths. I found a few that piqued my fancy and made a few.

And guess what? Something totally unexpected happened. I felt JOY! Could it be that Jesus is leading me to try something new? My guess is yes. And he knows how much I LOVE to make and see people smile. So I think I’m on to something here and will give it a whirl.

Anyhow, I digress.

I wanted to let my blogging friends and readers know how much I appreciate you and your comments on my posts and when you share them. 

I apologize if it’s been taking me a while to answer you. Please know that I will always Intentionally answer you, even if it takes me a bit.

Intentionally Getting Back To You,


— Me

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