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So You Think God Can’t Use You

Throughout Scripture, God used unlikely people to accomplish his will. What makes you think he won’t use you too?

God used and still does use imperfect people all the time to complete his mission and purpose. It’s a common theme throughout the Bible.

He can use us too. Do you think you’re unworthy? Unqualified?

Remember, his thoughts are not our thoughts, and neither are his ways ours (Isaiah 55:8:9). No matter how unworthy or unqualified we are, he’s chosen to use many to carry out his purpose.

Let’s look at some unlikely people from Scripture he chose to use

Noah was a drunkard— Genesis 9:21
Abraham was too old— Genesis 17:17
Jacob was a liar— Genesis 27:1-29
Moses stuttered— Exodus 4:10-13
Gideon was afraid— Judges 6:15
Rahab was a prostitute— Joshua 2:1
David was an adulterer and a murderer— 2 Samuel 11:1-27
Elijah was suicidal— 1 Kings 19:4
Jonah ran from God— Jonah 1:3
Naomi was a widow— Ruth 1:3
Peter denied Christ— Matthew 26:33–35
The disciples fell asleep while praying— Matthew 26:40
Martha worried about everything— Luke 10:41-42
The Samaritan woman was divorced— Mark 12:19-2
Zacchaeus was too small— Luke 19:1-10
Lazarus was dead!— John 11:38-44

So you see, friend, don’t sell yourself short. God loves us; he wants to use us as an instrument, a vessel for his mission, his master plan.

So the next time you find yourself thinking, who me? Can God really use me? Yes, he can indeed use you.

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