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Come— Just As You Are

Come, Just as you are.

Bring me your brokenness,

all of it, your innermost pieces.

Your failures, sorrows, heartaches.

your illnesses and disabilities. Your

worries, fears, anxiety, depression,

disbelief, and addictions.

Lay them all down at my feet.

Come, Just as you are.

Bring me your secrets, hopes,

dreams. Your desires, longings, and 

concerns. Bring to me, your thoughts

and musings. Your reflection, your faith,

and your belief. Bring them all. And, Lay them

down at my feet.

I already know all of these things. But, 

I say to you dear one. Come, Just as you are.

Come unto me, for I will transform you.

For you are mine.

Photo by PodPros on Unsplash

*This post was originally published on October 20, 2020

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