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Dear Friends— A Message

Greetings dear friends and readers of Simply Coffee & Jesus.

Thank You in advance. For what you ask? For hanging in there with me as Jesus, and I rebuild Simply Coffee & Jesus.

What Happened?

My website as we knew it went belly—up, kaput, bye-bye broken. While WordPress help guides gave several options for fixing— which I tried, I ended up accidentally deleting the whole site while trying the suggested fixes.

My site was gone, and I was broken-hearted, saddened, and truthfully friends—was horrified!

After I got over an anxiety attack, complete with rapid heartbeat and ugly crying, I cried out to God; I prayed and prayed some more. Over 200+ posts sharing and glorifying God are gone.


We— Jesus and I are in the process of rebuilding the site. I’m slowly adding the 200+ posts from oldest to newest, with the original publication date as a note at the bottom of the posts. New content is always be added as well. I’m still praying.

While I did choose a new theme, I’m still browsing and adding what I recall from my previous sidebar and footer.

Suppose you follow me on WordPress that is why you are seeing an influx of posts in the reader from me daily. I am adding the posts back in groups of at least ten.

If you follow me on WordPress, please check to see that you are. Because of starting from scratch, I don’t see any followers from my end as I did in the past. I would be so blessed for the refollow and new follows.

If anyone followed my posts by email, I would be so blessed if you would sign up again. New readers are always welcome.

I haven’t gotten the quarterly newsletter in place yet, but it will come along soon.

Sit tight with me

As I continue to add the original posts back, Jesus is pressing upon my heart to be intentional and pausing to reflect on those posts, causing me to make any edits, changes, or additional information.

He is pressing upon my heart to see if there is any more I can learn from what he touched me to write—convicting me to dig deeper.

This is one task that, while frustrating and exhaustive, is invoking me to be intentional and pausing to reflect in the unfolding of Simply Coffee & Jesus (2.0).

Thank you again, friends, for hanging in here with me. Blessings to you all.

Photo by DustyRoze on Unsplash

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